Windup and Pitch: Oofuri Fic Exchange

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Creators are now visible! If you want to reply to comments on your gift or repost your arts/fics elsewhere you can now do it.

If you haven't gone through and given love to all the amazing, talented people who created gifts this year, you should do it now.

Thanks to shirono and comixologist, our pinch hitters. They saved Christmas. :D (Also Shirono reminded me that I forgot to do the reveal, because I am the smartest. Thank her for doing that, please. Next year I'm setting an alarm, I swear you guys.)

And once again, thanks to all of you for making this a seriously awesome exchange!

Gifts are now live!
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Sorry for the delay! Thank you to the people who saved Christmas (no really, thank you thank you thank you, pinch hitters)!


Merry Oofurimas, everyone!

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Yeah, it's happening again this year.

I've sent out a pinch hit at the last moment, so I'm pushing back the opening until the 14th. Sorry! :(

If you re interested in pinch hitting, please contact me immediately.

EDIT: Pinch hit taken! :D

Happy New Year, get your fics in fast!
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Happy New Year, everyone (and happy 28th birthday to meeee~)!

This is just a quick reminder that your Windup and Pitch fics are due at 12am EST on January 4th. That is, the evening of the 3rd/morning of the 4th.

If your fics are not posted at that time and you haven't e-mailed me to discuss an extension, you will be considered a defaulter.

If you need an extension for any reason e-mail me at ryuutchi @ gmail DOT com, and we'll work something out.

At this point, if you have realized that you can't complete your work in time at all, please e-mail me, and/or default at your AO3 account. (In order to default at AO3, sign in. In the sidebar, hit "My Assignments"-- there should be a line that says "Windup and Pitch", with links to either "post to fulfill" or "default". Clicking that default link and then agreeing that you understand what you're doing will send me an e-mail letting me know you've defaulted.)

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Assignments have gone out!

If you haven't gotten the assignment e-mail, check your dashboard on AO3 to see if it's reached you there. If for some reason you don't have it at all, let me know, ASAP.

A few other notes (this should be in the assignment email, but I'm repeating it here because I can):

Everyone should have been matched up with at least one request (it matched to a minimum of two characters, and I tried to match tags as much as possible as well), so this assignment will hopefully be something you can draw and/or write. If for some reason you've been assigned something you didn't offer, let me know ASAP and I will do my best to fix it.

You do not have to fulfill everything requested-- you MUST write the characters in one of the requests and (preferably) one or more of the tags, but if someone included five tags, don't kill yourself trying to write them all. Use the prompts and tags to generate something you think your recipient will enjoy.

This is a Secret Santa-style exchange, so please don't discuss your gift where your recipient will be able to see it! Part of the fun of the exchange is finding out who your author is at the end. Similarly, if you have a question about your recipient's taste that can't answered by haunting their journal or the Dear Santa post, hit me up at the mod post on the Windup and Pitch comm and I will contact your recipient for you.

ALSO! I have made a Dear Santa post! If you have other details you want to leave for your writer (things you like, things you don't like, five gajillion prompts that they can choose to use or not) you can leave them HERE!

Dear Santa Post!
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I'm working on matches now, and they should be sent out by tonight!

Since I know people might have extra things to tell their assigned artist/writer, if you have extraneous ramblings about what you'd like in your received fic/art, comment here.

Put your AO3 name in the subject line, so your Exchange Giver Person knows who you are, and add your details in the comment.


Subject: Ryuutchi
The major thing for me is a happy ending. I'm one of those people who's in fandom to ~get away from it all~. Real life is depressing enough without Haruna breaking Akimaru's heart For Reals, or bawling my eyes out from a picture of Abe breaking Mihashi's arm being he's an overbearing Kimobe. Snark and banter are my bread and butter, and happy endings are my BFF.

Also-- I really DO love Over The Top AUs. If you want to take ANY of my pairings and write, like, a figure skating AU or a nanshoku or samurais, I'll be utterly gleeful.

If you're an artist, feel free to just take an idea for a scene that has similar themes and just show me a snapshot in time. In fact, images that look like a candid photo or just a private moment in time are some of my favorite sorts of pictures.

I'm hard as hell to squick, but please don't take that as an invitation to try. It just means that if you want to write something totally kinky because you can't come up with something full of fluff and love, go RIGHT AHEAD.

You see? Like that. Have at 'em, kids.

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If you've been putting off signing up, now's the time to do it. You have almost exactly 12 hours until sign-ups close.

Once again, go here to sign up for awesome Oofuri presents. :D

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Hey guys!

Yuletide sign-ups closed last night, which means that we (that is YOU who have not yet signed up) have only TWO DAYS until Wind Up and Pitch sign-ups close.

If you think you want to sign-up, you have two days to make up your minds, scamper over to the AO3 page and fill out that pretty little form.

Once again, here are our deadlines:
Sign up until: November 22, 2011, 11:59pm EST
Assignments will be handed out: November 24, 2011
Stories should be posted to the AO3 no later than: January 3, 2012, 11:59pm EST
Stories will go live: January 10, 2012, 11:59 EST
Authors will be revealed: January 17, 2012, 11:59 EST

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Fics are required to have a beta prior to posting to the collection.

If you NEED a beta or WANT to beta, please post here, and list what sort of beta you are/looking for (grammar, canon-compliance, characterization, etc), and anything else you want people to know.

If you need a beta, please comment directly in response to the person offering their services. If you want to edit a fic in need of a beta, do the same.

If You Need an AO3 Account
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If you need an AO3 account, comment to this post with your e-mail.

Comments are screened.

Once you've recieved your code, go here to sign-up.


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