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[Text] don't fuck with the short chick
ryuutchi wrote in windupandpitch
Assignments have gone out!

If you haven't gotten the assignment e-mail, check your dashboard on AO3 to see if it's reached you there. If for some reason you don't have it at all, let me know, ASAP.

A few other notes (this should be in the assignment email, but I'm repeating it here because I can):

Everyone should have been matched up with at least one request (it matched to a minimum of two characters, and I tried to match tags as much as possible as well), so this assignment will hopefully be something you can draw and/or write. If for some reason you've been assigned something you didn't offer, let me know ASAP and I will do my best to fix it.

You do not have to fulfill everything requested-- you MUST write the characters in one of the requests and (preferably) one or more of the tags, but if someone included five tags, don't kill yourself trying to write them all. Use the prompts and tags to generate something you think your recipient will enjoy.

This is a Secret Santa-style exchange, so please don't discuss your gift where your recipient will be able to see it! Part of the fun of the exchange is finding out who your author is at the end. Similarly, if you have a question about your recipient's taste that can't answered by haunting their journal or the Dear Santa post, hit me up at the mod post on the Windup and Pitch comm and I will contact your recipient for you.

ALSO! I have made a Dear Santa post! If you have other details you want to leave for your writer (things you like, things you don't like, five gajillion prompts that they can choose to use or not) you can leave them HERE!


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