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Happy New Year, get your fics in fast!
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ryuutchi wrote in windupandpitch
Happy New Year, everyone (and happy 28th birthday to meeee~)!

This is just a quick reminder that your Windup and Pitch fics are due at 12am EST on January 4th. That is, the evening of the 3rd/morning of the 4th.

If your fics are not posted at that time and you haven't e-mailed me to discuss an extension, you will be considered a defaulter.

If you need an extension for any reason e-mail me at ryuutchi @ gmail DOT com, and we'll work something out.

At this point, if you have realized that you can't complete your work in time at all, please e-mail me, and/or default at your AO3 account. (In order to default at AO3, sign in. In the sidebar, hit "My Assignments"-- there should be a line that says "Windup and Pitch", with links to either "post to fulfill" or "default". Clicking that default link and then agreeing that you understand what you're doing will send me an e-mail letting me know you've defaulted.)

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