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[Text] Feminazi
ryuutchi wrote in windupandpitch
Fics are required to have a beta prior to posting to the collection.

If you NEED a beta or WANT to beta, please post here, and list what sort of beta you are/looking for (grammar, canon-compliance, characterization, etc), and anything else you want people to know.

If you need a beta, please comment directly in response to the person offering their services. If you want to edit a fic in need of a beta, do the same.

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Ahhh, sign-ups aren't closed yet but I thought I'd ask/offer early.

Ummm, I need a beta, and though I really don't mind what kind, I'm looking for someone who might help me with overall flow of syntax and language (repetitiveness, awkward sentences, wordiness, etc.) A check on characterization would be nice too . . . .

Also, I can beta a little too if needed. I usually look for the same things, like flow and awkward sentences, as well as grammar, spelling, and glaring OOC-ness (unless they're supposed to be like that).

Can't wait~! (^_^)

Hi there!!
I think I'm done, but I'll feel a lot better if I have a beta to have a look. My grammar is so terrible and I just need to see if the overall flow is at the right pace.
Are you still available? :)

Does the beta have to be AO3 approved or otherwise obtained through this thread? Or can we work with already-known betas who are not involved in this exchange?

Betas can be anyone you like or trust to do your editing.

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