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Dear Santa Post!
[Naima] Sky's the limit
ryuutchi wrote in windupandpitch
I'm working on matches now, and they should be sent out by tonight!

Since I know people might have extra things to tell their assigned artist/writer, if you have extraneous ramblings about what you'd like in your received fic/art, comment here.

Put your AO3 name in the subject line, so your Exchange Giver Person knows who you are, and add your details in the comment.


Subject: Ryuutchi
The major thing for me is a happy ending. I'm one of those people who's in fandom to ~get away from it all~. Real life is depressing enough without Haruna breaking Akimaru's heart For Reals, or bawling my eyes out from a picture of Abe breaking Mihashi's arm being he's an overbearing Kimobe. Snark and banter are my bread and butter, and happy endings are my BFF.

Also-- I really DO love Over The Top AUs. If you want to take ANY of my pairings and write, like, a figure skating AU or a nanshoku or samurais, I'll be utterly gleeful.

If you're an artist, feel free to just take an idea for a scene that has similar themes and just show me a snapshot in time. In fact, images that look like a candid photo or just a private moment in time are some of my favorite sorts of pictures.

I'm hard as hell to squick, but please don't take that as an invitation to try. It just means that if you want to write something totally kinky because you can't come up with something full of fluff and love, go RIGHT AHEAD.

You see? Like that. Have at 'em, kids.

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comixologist's DEAR AUTHOR/ARTIST

Dear Author/Artist:

I JUST REALIZED that I wrote all my prompts assuming I'd get an author/fic this year! If you're an artist, I'm really sorry and I didn't mean to make you feel unwanted or neglected - since I think I gave a pretty good idea for fic authors, I'm sort of making this a "dear artist" letter. If you're writing fic and need more info, please feel free to send questions via the mod. I love fic! I love art! I'll be delighted if I get either.

If you're making art, this is basically to say that you can take virtually any idea or scene that might've popped into your head writing my requests and run with it for art. Stand-alone/pinup art or comics, either are great for me - porn or gen or anything at all you feel comfortable drawing.

If you were matched on my Hatake & Mihashi prompt: I'd love anything involving the two of them together - a picture of their time at Mihoshi together that emphasizes their complicated relationship, a picture of Hatake feeling guilty about what he did, a picture of them reconciling -- anything at all involving the two of them will make me really happy. I know that with art you can work in a lot about complicated relationship dynamics, and I love that about the two of them.

If you were matched on my Abe & Mihashi prompt: anything at all with chubby/fat Abe will FILL ME WITH GLEE. Seriously, anything. ANYTHING. I have kind of a thing for chubby older Abe. If you're not comfortable drawing fatty!Abe, though, I also love younger canonically shaped Abe - and will thoroughly any AbexMiha you decide to draw, however tame or dirty.

If you were matched on my Oda & Kanou prompt: Maybe cosplaying from Lupin III? Maybe Kanou in a dress while he and Oda are on a date? Maybe spying on each other in the showers? As I said, any scene or image that popped into your head while reading my fic-prompts is fair game and would be greatly appreciated.

Whether you choose to write fic or draw art, anything you make that you have fun making will be an excellent gift for me! More than anything else I want you to enjoy working on this gift, so please don't feel that you have to include anything that I mention - my optional details are optional, and I want you to have a good time. Happy holidays and thanks for participating!

1010nabulation's Dear Author/Artist~

Hello my dear author or artist! :D

I'm here to say THANK YOU, and also, really anything is fair game for any of my prompts. ^.^ The only thing I don't want is character death, otherwise, please have fun with it! I have a feeling my prompts were really vague, but um, that's because I wanted to make sure you, dear author or artist, have lots of room to play! You can toss in other characters too, to any of the prompts, as long as the ones I mentioned are in there. :) I like everybody. So yes, have fun!!!

If you need more info, please don't hesitate to contact the mod! I will gladly do all I can to help! <3

Seathing's dear author/artist!

Dear author/artist,

I'm worried I was a little overly vague with my prompts. Take that as permission to do whatever you want. Please, go wild! I promise I'll love it no matter what it is. (:

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